Mežaparks Offices

Commercial spaces

Mežaparks, Riga

Technical project

marker Kelnes street 1a, Riga

5061 m2

total area

4267 m²

total building area

3266 m2

Offices and commercial spaces (NLA)

646 m2

retail and office space

3 + underground


52 / 38

underground / above ground parking spaces

B class

office space

3Q 2019

projected completion

Mežaparka Rezidences, designed by architect Andris Kronbergs (ARHIS) in cooperation with other award-winning Latvian and foreign architect, is known not only for its quality residential projects, but also for development of office and retail space.
The complex is designed by architect Gatis Didrihsons (Didrihsons arhitekti) and includes four areas; the architecture is designed to fit into the unified Mežaparka Rezidences concept. Some of the area is planned for retail space and offices.
Residents of and visitors to Mežaparka Rezidences will have access to a concept fitness center and spa as well as restaurants. Great attention is paid to interior design, which will include a fountain, spacious terraces, and galleries. The surrounding territory will be a landscaped park.

The first floor of the complex can be designed as an open-air terrace. The second floor offers flexibility for efficient office spaces that guarantee natural light. The third floor will offer conference rooms and rentable spaces. The underground level will offer car and bicycle parking.