Privacy policy

We, DOMUSS, are aware that visiting DOMUSS website and transferring our personal data, for example: name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, phone number, You trust your private data to us.

Your, being DOMUSSwebsite visitor and client, privacy provision is very important to us. That is why DOMUSSperforms all required measures to ensure that your personal data, which is given to us, is safe, protected and processed in accordance with the valid normative acts referred to the personal data processing.
Following the above, we wish to inform you that DOMUSSpersonal data processing manager is LLC “Domuss” (hereinafter – Manager).

DOMUSS is a company established by the USA investment fund group NCH (hereinafter – Group). The Group includes companies of real estate projects development, which according to the concluded administration contract and basing on the general POA are administered (managed) by DOMUSS as the personal data processing joint manager.

The privacy policy has attached these companies’ list in the form of Annex No. 1. For communication with all companies of the Group, please, use the following contact information:

Phone: +37167228086; +37167226220

Within the context of privacy policy a term is used – client, which is the person showing written or verbal consent regarding products offered by DOMUSS or companies within the Group. Client’s status is preserved till the moment, when limitation period for arising claims comes into force which arises from contractual relations of the parties or the client has refused from the offer to receive news and special offers.

Personal data processing manager’s contact information:
LLC “Domuss”
Reg. No. LV 40003312536
Address: 20/22-2 Baznīcas Street, Riga, LV-1010
Phone: +37167228086; +37167226220

DOMUSS wishes to state that the purpose of your personal data processing is as follows:

  • Execution of contract on real estate purchase, rent or lease, where you are a contractual party, or for measure performance upon your request before contract conclusion. In such cases, transfer of personal data is defined according to the contract and is a mandatory precondition to conclude it;
  • Relationship establishment with clients and analysis of such relations within the marketing activities context;
  • Provision of activities connected with real estate sales: contract conclusion, provision of execution of the requirements of normative acts. DOMUSS is entitled to fully or partially transfer respective personal data to sub-contractors and other cooperation partners, if it is necessary for the execution of a contract. By transferring personal data to the sub-contractors, DOMUSS concludes a separate agreement, by which it is ensured that sub-contractors will follow the Manager’s instructions, this Privacy Policy and that personal data will be processed according to the normative acts;
  • Provision of marketing activities: informing, communication, sending of notifications, which are connected with products and services.

Accepting and agreeing with the Privacy Policy and applying to news and special offers of the company DOMUSS, You have given consent that commercial notifications on news and special offers of DOMUSS and companies within the Group can be sent to you.

If you wish to withdraw such commercial notification on news and special offersof DOMUSS and companies within the Group, then you can at any time notify the Manager or the Manager of the company within the Group, using the given contact information, and decline. Your request will be executed as soon as possible

The Manager performs personal data processing according to the following conditions:

  1. The Manager processes your personal data according to the valid normative acts in relation to personal data processing, including the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, and without your consent cannot disclose them to third persons, except in the following cases:
  • If by the court judgment, decision of public law-enforcement institutions or other official institution, there is a duty to disclose this information;
  • if the Manager or the person supporting the website needs personal data to perform actions, which are connected with website functioning and maintenance. In this case, DOMUSS will ensure that sub-contractors will observe DOMUSS instructions, this Privacy Policy and that personal data will be processed according to the normative acts;
  • in other cases, which are provided for by the normative acts and the Privacy Policy.
  1. If you wish to access your personal data, which is at the disposal of DOMUSS, to amend them, supplement or delete, you must contact the Manager, using the given contact information, and we will do anything to execute your request as soon as possible.
  2. DOMUSS undertakes to follow the normative acts, which regulate the use of personal data available to us, as well as we continue to review and perfect our policy in relation to personal data processing and their safety.
  3. In addition we draw your attention that your personal data will be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economical Area, only provided that the compliant or applied guarantees defined in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation are observed.
  4. We wish to inform you that in case if the Manager will plan to process your provided personal data for other purposes, which are not the purpose they were collected for, the Manager will inform you before the mentioned further processing about the mentioned other purpose and will give you all required information provided for by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
  5. We draw your attention that your personal data will be stored as long as client relations exist between DOMUSS and you, in its turn, upon termination of client’s relations, personal data will be stored until the limitation period of right to demand commences, which arises from the contractual relations of the parties. In addition to the mentioned conditions, requirements of personal data storage arise from the requirement of the normative acts to store them for specific time. Respectively, the Manager will store these data while these conditions exist.
  6. We wish to inform you that if DOMUSS will receive your personal data not from you, but from other persons, then you will be provided with information about the source from which your data has been received, and in the respective case – information about whether data has been acquired from publicly available sources, as well as other information, which arises from the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
  7. If you state that your personal data transferred to DOMUSSis used for purpose not provided for it or the grounds of such personal data processing are violated, then you are entitled to file a claim to the Public Data Inspectorate, address: 11/13-11 Blaumaņa Street, Riga, LV-1011, additional information –


Supporter of this website and its owner is LLC “DOMUSS” (hereinafter – DOMUSS). Using this website, you accept and agree with application of DOMUSS “Policy of Cookies Use”(hereinafter – Policy of Cookies Use.
Policy of Cookies Use defines the purpose of cookies use, as well as the rights of cookies users to choose, change or refuse cookies according to the user’s requirements and needs.

What is a cookie and where is it stored?
A cookie (HTTP cookie) is a small text file, which the website browser saves on your computer or other device, for example: a mobile phone.

How do the DOMUSS cookies function?

When a user of DOMUSS website visits the website for the first time, then an identification code named cookie(cookie) is sent to the user’s browser. When this user visits the website of DOMUSS next time, then the cookie technology allows us to define that this user has previously visited the website of DOMUSS. During each next visit of the website, cookies are sent back to the original homepage or other webpage recognizing this cookie. This way, also your habits and needs of website use are recognized.

What cookies are used by DOMUSS?
Technical cookies
These cookies are necessary so that you could quickly visit and review the website. These cookies identify the user’s device, but they do not collect and do not summarize the users’ information. Without these cookies, the website could not fully function. Technical cookies are stored on the user’s device, until the website browser is closed.

Functional cookies
With functional cookies, the website remembers the user’s selected settings and the performed choices to use the website in a more convenient way. These cookies are stored on the user’s device permanently or for time, depending on the settings.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies summarize information, how the user uses the website, state the most often visited sections, including content chosen by the user, reviewing the website. Information is processed for the purpose of analysis to find out what is interesting to website users, and how to improve the website functionality, make it more convenient to use. Analytical cookies do not use information for other purposes.

Third persons’ cookies
DOMUSS website may have the third persons’ cookies, especially, Facebook, Instagram, etc. social networks or search engines, especially Google Analytics. Google Analytics,the tool is provided by Google Inc.(USA company), which has access to statistical data collected by this tool. Google Inc.has joined the European Union -USA Privacy Protection Principles, EU–USA Privacy Protection List, which confirms that service provider follows the EU required privacy standards.

DOMUSS bears no responsibility for processing of information performed by the third persons cookies.

How does DOMUSS use cookie information? 

  1. DOMUSS summarizes DOMUSS website use statistical data, performs their analysis;
  2. Cookies are used by DOMUSS to know whether the user has visited DOMUSS website before;
  3. Based on the fact, which pages of DOMUSS website the user has looked at, how long he has spent on the website, from which place he has entered the website, where he has clicked when he was on the website, the repeated marketing ad is applied;
  4. Allows DOMUSS to evaluate the ad efficiency.

Refusal from cookies use
DOMUSS website user may refuse from cookies use, respectively selecting settings in his browser and deleting DOMUSS cookies. Please, pay attention to the fact that changes in the browser safety settings shall be performed in each browser individually.

Data protection and personal data
We draw your attention that to guarantee your data protection, DOMUSS has introduced electronic, administrative and physical safety measures, which it continues to perfect.

DOMUSS wishes to inform you that if you do not enter your personal data when visiting DOMUSS website, thenDOMUSS is unable to identify you and your status is “anonymous user”.

How to contact us?
LLC “DOMUSS” (registration No. 40003312536), address 20/22 Baznicas Street, Riga, LV-1010, phone: + 371 67228086; +37167226220, e-mail:, bears responsibility for cookies use on the DOMUSS website and personal data processing.