Seven apartments for seven tastes – the last of the pearls of Ģipša Fabrika

The apartment complex Ģipša Fabrika, located on green Ķīpsala on the banks of the Daugava, is a development like no other in Latvia. Only seven apartments are left – take look and see if one of them suits your taste!


Office with a view of the river

Apartment 8, located in the White House, can also be called the development’s row house, because it resembles a villa more than an apartment. It has a basement and a separate entrance; its 259 sq.m. covers three floors and is unique in that it is the only uninhabited apartment with a view of the Daugava from all three floors. This apartment offers a wonderful view of the river and the ships coming into port and would suit a family well. Yet, the spacious rooms, floor plan and private entrance can also be used for office purposes.

Business person’s apartment with sauna

Apartment 15 in the Red Boat House has stirred much interest, and for good reason. Although it is located on the first floor, it offers a spectacular view across the river. But that is not the only bonus of this flat – the 179 sq.m. space is unique in that it also includes a basement with a sauna and relaxation area.  This apartment could be an ideal location for a wealthy business person – one room can be used as a bedroom and the other as an office or living room with a terrace that offers a fantastic view, while the basement offers space for relaxation with friends.


Exclusive apartment for a large family

Apartment 19 in the Red Boat House is the most exclusive of the remaining apartments. The 191 sq.m. space includes everything needed such as built-in closets and the exclusive German-made Bulthaup kitchen. This luxury-class apartment offers views of the courtyard and river from windows and balconies from its four bedrooms – an ideal offering for a large family that values quality, space, and spectacular views. Life in this apartment guarantees high quality and fantastic sunsets!


Homes for a young family with one or two children

Apartments 27 and 35 in the Red Boat House are almost identical with two bedrooms and a living room, making them ideal for a family with one or two children. The only thing that differentiates them is that one is on the first floor, the other on the third. The first floor apartment offers the opportunity to create your own terrace for entertaining friends and family. The third-floor apartment has a wonderful view.


Move-in apartment for a large family

By purchasing Apartment 55 in the White House, the new owners will not have to think about furnishings or worry about the added expense, because this apartment is fully furnished. The 151 sq.m. apartment is well-suited for a large family, particularly because both sides of the apartment have balconies, where the family can entertain and look at the courtyard or river. Come and move in!


A family apartment for history lovers

The Ģipšu Fabrika development has tried to keep the historical atmosphere; therefore, aspects of the original gypsum factory have been successfully integrated. For example, Apartment 57 in the White House has kept the arched windows and ceilings, which offers this modern apartment an industrial feel. The 131 sq.m. apartment faces east and contains two bedrooms, sufficient for a small family who love to spend their morning basking in the sun and who, like the project developers, value history and design.


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